Located about 5 minutes by motorbike, Bung Dong is a new tourist destination of Ninh Binh province. Other than the excitement of Tam Coc, this place is quiet and pristine. The lake is immense green and surrounded by high mountains and rocks.

The local people call it the flooded areas surrounded by rocky mountains, and each of them has its own name. Previously in the dry season local people can transplant rice all over the area but nowadays tourism investment development of local government has made dams for sprinting, visitors can visit any season in year.
From the wharf Thach Bich small boat will take you hovering around the mountains to a sunny valley that local people call folk resort is Sunshine. This is the name of the sun shining all over, through the branches, through the rustic rugged shore, through the bottom to create a beautiful and peaceful scene. The more beautiful the cave system, the more caves look like, there are places you have to bow low to not touch the stalactites in the ceiling, there are places to look up high To capture all the mysterious nature of the gift to this place.
Each of these places can be connected to each other by the cave system eaten in the mountains. When the boat goes through the cave you take from one valley to another, the scenery opens in front of you seem to be more beautiful, more charming, the days with light wind may you hear the flute reverb Reeds near the shore.
A free weekend with friends to visit the sunshine you will probably enjoy a space interesting, worth not have to sit in the city always have such moments in this place.